Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uconnect?

Uconnect is an identity and access management solution that centralizes all your unique data in one system and enables access to other UTCL systems. It provides you a console to view your information, view the list of applications available for you based on your business unit, request for access to new applications and also allows you to reset your all your passwords from one single system. The advantage with Uconnect is that you need not remember multiple usernames and passwords for all your applications-they are all kept in sync with your Uconnect ID.

“Uconnect” is brand name given to Identity and Access Governance Solution at UltraTech. This Project will enable following benefits to all end users.

  • Centralized Application Access Portal ( reducing the number of application URL/websites & passwords that users must remember
  • Improve service level due to self-service portal for performing tasks like password reset, new application access etc.
  • Faster User provisioning & de-provisioning using automated workflow linked to Poornata Profile in case of joining, transfer & separation.

Improve policy compliance by means of centralized administration of application access policies & two factor authentications (real-time Password using SMS). This means un-authorized and unwanted application access will be prevented resulting in better governance & improved information security.

What to do, in case, I did not get One Time password (OTP) on my mobile?

One Time Password is a security feature that allows the system to confirm your identity when you login to Uconnect. Like most banking OTP systems, the password is for one time use and set to expire after 5 minutes automatically. In the event that you do not get the OTP, the Uconnect system also allows you to login by answering the security challenges questions that were defined at time of your first login in Uconnect.

OTP is dependent on your mobile phone having service / signal from the network provider.

I lost my mobile and I got new mobile number, what is the process to register my new number?

To update the mobile number in Uconnect, you are required to speak to your assigned Uconnect admin to update the same in system. The assigned admin shall update the mobile number on your behalf.

What is this ‘UTCL Legal Disclaimer’ link on Uconnect login page?

The UTCL Legal Disclaimer is your acceptance on usage of the Uconnect system which is a part of the Aditya Birla Group IT and Information Systems. Any and all guidelines and fair usage must be adhered when using Uconnect at all times in line with the ABG policies in place. Any deviation seen or observed must be reported to immediately

I forgot my password. In this case, how I can use my desktop?

If password is forgotten then you have the ability to reset password without logging in to Windows Desktop. On the login screen, you will see a link below the password box, please click on “U-Connect password reset / unlock account” option. You will be prompted to either select Reset Password or Unlock Account. On next page you will need to enter your Uconnect user ID and answer the security challenge questions or provide the OTP based on selection. After successfully authenticating, you can provide new password as per the UTCL IT security policies.

What is two factor/Multi factor authentication? Why Uconnect asking me One Time Password/Security Question?

For any system, user login must be very strong process with more than one password required to login. Uconnect requires OTP or security challenges responses to allow access to all other UTCL applications. This ensures that no one other that you can access your applications as you are asked to provide more than one password to use the Uconnect system.

How can I change my security questions and respective answers?

You can change your security questions and answers in Uconnect. For this you may navigate to Self Service Center>Challenge Response option in your Uconnect system. To change the questions simply select a new question from the dropdown.

In case you only want to update your answer, just type the changes and click on Save button.

My encryption tool in my laptop is not taking my new password, what is the reason?

If your machine is not accepting the new password, kindly try your previous password that was working successfully. This may be due to the update occurs once a day and from next day you will only be able to login with new / changed password. If any concern please contact your Uconnect Admin.

My user account got locked, what is the solution?

If your Windows login is showing “Locked” message, please wait for 5 minutes. This occurs due to frequent change of password attempts for your ID. This will get automatically unlocked. If any concern please contact your Uconnect Admin.

How can I reset my password?

At any time you can change your Uconnect password, even if you do not have username and password to login into Windows desktop. On the user lock screen (Ctrl+Alt+Del) you will see a link below password prompt titled “U-Connect password reset / unlock account”. From here you can select reset option to update your password in all systems including Windows AD, Mithi Email, and other applications.

Another option is to reset from Uconncet system by navigating to Self Service Center>Change Password option. You need to enter existing password and provide new passwords. Once successfully updated your password change will be immediately changed in Windows AD, Mithi Email, and other applications.

I am newly on-board onto UltraTech Organization, What is there for me in Uconnect? And How I can access uconnect?

If you have recently joined UTCL, then your access to Uconnect and other UTCL systems will be automatically started once your HR data is pushed to Uconnect. This will initiate your user creation in Windows AD, email system, other common applications. It may take up to 24 hours for all company-wide applications access to your ID. In case more delay, you may pls. contact UConnect Admin.

Also, access to certain applications in Uconnect are request driven, i.e. you can request for access and after appropriate approvals you will get access to the requested application.

I am not a permanent employee in the organization, but my work demands me to use applications, How to access my applications?

Uconnect system also provides access to non-permanent employees, however the user creation process needs to be completed first. If your ID is not created please speak to your Reporting Manager / UTCL HR first. After your Uconnect ID is created, you may request for specific applications for access by confirming with your Reporting Manager.

I am not able to see my required application on ‘My Applications Page’?

In case that a particular application is not visible or available, please first confirm with your Reporting Manager if you require access. Based on their confirmation, you may initiate the request for access.

If an existing application is no longer visible please connect with your Uconnect Admin. In case you were transferred from one UTCL location to another, your access to assigned applications will be automatically removed. In this scenario, you may request again based on your job function.

My manager asking me to work on specific application. This application not yet authorized to me. What is the procedure to get this application for me?

You may initiate the request for access (also called request workflow) for the desired application. In case the required application is SAP, then the existing approval process of multiple approvals (six approvals in total) will be initiated starting with your Reporting Manager. For any other application, the process will be similar but have fewer approvals.

I have requested new application by clicking application icon under ‘Request for Application’. Can I check the status of my request?

Yes, at any time, you may check the status of your request in Request Approval>Request History option.

What is ‘In-Box’ and ‘Request history’ sub menu under ‘Request Approval’ Menu?

As a workflow approver user you may refer to the In-box sub menu to check any pending request for your approval under “My Tasks” page. If the request is sent to a group of persons for approval, then the request needs to be “Claimed” before approval.

The Request History option shows the history of all requests that were assigned to you or those requests initiated by you in Uconnect.

What is ‘Password Expiration field under ‘My Info’ page?

The My Info page shows data for your Uconnect ID. The password expiration indicates when your Uconnect password is set to expire for login to Uconnect only. It is advisable to frequently change the password. If password is not changed routinely, then Uconnect system will force a change after the expiration date and grace period if any.

What is ‘Last Login’ field under ‘My Info’ page?

The My Info page shows data for your Uconnect ID. The Last Login indicates when you had successfully logged in Uconnect previously.

My sub-ordinate has put new application request in uconnect. How can I approve this request? Can I see status of requests online?

Uconnect sends out an email notification to the concerned approver immediately when request is registered. As a manager or otherwise approver you may approve the request by navigating to Request Approval>In-Box option. In the box click on notepad icon to view the request details and either approve or reject the request.

To view the status of any request associated with you, the Request History option will show the details of each request with start time, finish time (if any) name of the users who take action on the request.

Why uconnect takes time to respond i n case of password change or password reset?

The Uconnect password change or reset option makes the changes to your actual Windows login ID at time of password update. This update generally happens in a matter of few seconds (3-7 seconds), but occasionally this may take longer to complete.

For any reason if the password update fails and you get an error on your screen then please connect with Uconnect Admin to report the issue.

Why Password need to be complex?

Any password should be difficult enough for another person to guess or a machine to crack. Complex passwords must have combination of letters, numbers and special characters with upper case and lower case letters so that guessing is extremely difficult. It is advised to not use easy to guess combinations such as name and date of birth for example since another user can guess if they have this information.

Also, with advent of technology, cracking of passwords is much easier for modern systems. In order to explain how fast a machine can calculate and try different passwords see the graphic below